Wellness Plans

A healthy pet starts with a Wellness Plan!                                                 


Preventative pet care in the form of exams, vaccines, dental care and specialty diets helps expand your pets' quality of life. Advances in medicine, nutrition and diagnostics have led to longer life spans for pets just as they have for their owners. Making sure your pet receives the exams and vaccinations they need on a scheduled basis is key to avoiding costly health problems later in life.

Wellness Plans help your pet live a longer, healthier life through affordable preventative care. Our plans don’t just treat illness, they eliminate problems before they happen by paying close attention to details such as vaccinations, dental hygiene and nutrition. Pet Wellness plans also assist busy pet owners by notifying them of upcoming appointments, so you never have to worry about missing an important checkup or vaccine.

That's what makes our Petly Wellness Plans so great. A simple monthly payment covers your pet’s necessary exams, vaccinations, and even dental cleanings if you wish. The plans are tailored to the health needs of each individual pet. We invite you to take advantage of these services and encourage you to consider one of our convenient, affordable Petly Wellness Plans.

• Health Exams and Pet Vaccinations

• Preventative Lab Work

• Flea and Heartworm Prevention

• Spaying and Neutering

• Dental Care

Petly Wellness Plans save money on the preventative healthcare that you were already planning to give to your other family member.

Keiera and Elaine

Petly Pet Wellness Plans

• All Necessary Preventative Healthcare Services together in one plan.

• 12 Affordable monthly payments.

• Never pay full price for an Exam, only a $23 Co-Pay!

What is included?

• A $23 Exam Co-Pay on Scheduled Exams 

*All Necessary Vaccines

• Free Nail Trims

• Additional Discounts and much more...

How do I enroll?

Enrolling is easy. To learn more about creating a Wellness Plan that’s right for your pet, call us or visit the hospital today.

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