Meet Our Staff
  • Michelle - Receptionist

    Michelle is most often the voice of our clinic. She is our wonderful receptionist. We don't have to remind Michelle to smile when she answers the phone because she is always smiling. Clients swear Michelle radiates kindness. She isn't new to customer service as she has previously worked for the Wichita YMCA in member services. Michelle grew up on a farm outside of Andale and now lives in the small town of Colwich. She is married and has 3 children. They share their home with 2 dogs, Jack and Shocker.

  • Kacie -Receptionist

    Kacie's warm sweet smile likely greeted you as you walked in our doors. Her kind voice may have answered your calls.  She works diligently at the front desk to help make your visit as stress free and smooth as possible.  Not only does Kacie have amazing customer service skills, she is also an artist.  She painted our logo on the wall behind the reception desk.  in her free time, Kacie enjoys painting, dancing, and spending time with her husband and son.  

  • Kim -Receptionist

    Kim is one of our phenomenal receptionists.  This lady is beautiful on the inside and out.  She is kind and thoughtful.  She takes wonderful care of our clients but also our staff members. Kim is known to send encouraging words to her teammates that read like a Hallmark card.  Every team needs a Kim, and we are glad we get to work with her.  Once you meet her, you will understand why.   Kim's passions in life are her husband, family and her animals. 

  • Lori -Receptionist

    Lori is a welcoming voice at our clinic.  She is warm and caring.  She makes sure to listen to all your concerns.  She knows that you are the voice for your pet and listening to what your worries are is critical for their care.  She knows this because she is a cancer survivor and believes when patients talk, it is important to listen.  Lori has been involved in the medical field for years,  she worked with her M.D. husband and at several other veterinary clinics before coming to Sisters.  When not working, Lori enjoys gardening and spending time with her husband, 4 children and pets. 

  • Shonell -Receptionist

    Shonell may be a newer face around Sisters Veterinary Clinic but she is not new to veterinary medicine.  Shonell's vast experience (> 10 years) and knowledge makes her a valuable part of our team.  Shonell is known for building strong and lasting relationships with clients she interacts with.  Her teammates enjoy her sarcastic wit and sense of humor but also her willingness to help wherever needed in the clinic.   We are blessed to have Shonell on our team.  When not at the office , Shonell enjoys spending time with her Mom, 2 kids, grandson and multiple rescued pets. 

  • Julie -RVT
    Registered Veterinary Technologist

    Julie comes to us all the way from Canada Eh.  She graduated in 2008 from the Animal Health Technology program at Red River College in Winnipeg Canada.  She has spent 10 years gaining experience in both the hospital and laboratory setting and has a passion for cytology.  Julie shares her home with her husband-Patrick, her son -James, 2 dogs- Mr. Snuggles and Gimli,  and her 2 cats-Chester and Peanut. When Julie ins't caring for your pets and looking in a microscope, she enjoys reading, playing video games and coming up with funny jokes to share with her co-workers.  Julie has the best one liners.  If you need a laugh ask for Julie.   

  • Jamie - Veterinary Technician

    Jamie is a talented technician. Her soft smile and mild manner puts pets and their people at ease. But don't let her size fool you, she loves to play coed soccer and isn't afraid to take on the big dogs, literally. Jamie was raised in Wichita and graduated with a degree in Biology from Southwestern College. During her summer breaks from college, she worked in veterinary clinics helping in the kennels. Since graduation, Jamie has advanced to a veterinary technician role. Jamie's compassion helps her provide excellent care to our clients and pets. Jamie loves soccer and has played the sport throughout her youth, in high school, and at Southwestern College. She is married to Clint and together they have 2 young boys, 2 dachshunds and a cat.

  • Dallas -Veterinary Technician

    Dallas is one of our wonderful technicians. She has been involved in veterinary medicine since 2002. She not only brings warmth and laughter but years of experience and knowledge. Behind the scenes, Dallas manages our inventory and helps keep the flow of the clinic running smooth. Dallas enjoys getting to know you and your pet to make your visit comfortable and educational. Dallas enjoys cooking, walking her Bull Terrier- Ramses and Lab mix Saphire, and spending time with her family (1 husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 5 cats.)

  • Courtney -RVT
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Courtney is a graduate of Colby Community College's Veterinary Tech program.  She has always had a love for animals.  When Courtney was 16 years old she started working in the veterinary field.  To say she has a passion for animals and their health is an understatement.  Courtney's attention to detail helps put clients at ease about the care their pet will receive with us.  When not at the clinic, Courtney enjoys walking her dog, Callie, long-boarding, and video gaming. 

  • Keiera -RVT
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Keiera's personality and future are as bright as her eyes.  Keiera registered veterinary technician who graduated from  Wichita State University.   She has found her calling and are we glad we found her.  Keiera has a calm and caring demeanor helping her patients feel at ease.     Any extra time she has, she spends with her husband, Kyle, her son, and 4 legged kid- Harley.  

  • Elaine -Veterinary Technician

    Elaine's quiet and caring demeanor hides a lady with a fun sense of adventure.  Elaine has been in veterinary medicine for over 10 years.  She is attentive and always willing to spend that extra time making our patients and clients feel at home.  When Elaine isn't at the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Troy, and her dogs, chameleons, and snake.  She also enjoys hiking and camping. 

  • Kira -Veterinary Assistant

    Kira knows your pets.  She has been managing kennels for over 7 years.  She has learned to pick up on the slightest changes when pets are in her care.   She not only works hard in the kennels but also works as an assistant.  If you follow us on Facebook, you'll notice we have our clinic cats do some modeling.  Kira is the master behind the camera capturing the awesome shots.  Kira also has 3 cats at home, Stella, Oliver, and Sirius, who she loves to spoil. 

  • Sue - Veterinary Assistant

    Sue is the wizard behind the curtain.  Sue helps keep the staff smiling with her witty sarcasm and her contagious laugh.  Sue is a retired high school administrator who has chosen to pursue another passion, animals.  She jokes she is just doing it to pay the vet bills, but when you see her interact with the pets, you will know better.   Sue shares her home with her husband, Bob, 6 dogs, 1 cat, 2 miniature horses, 1 regular horse, 1 donkey and 2 pot belly pigs.   In her spare time, who are we kidding, Sue's spare time is taking care of her animals.  But in the rest of her spare time she enjoys watching her grandson compete in rodeos and donating her time to help spay/neuter pets on Indian reservations. 

  • Claire -Veterinary Assistant

    Claire is one of our wonderful assistants that loves to help others especially her teammates.  Claire started her career in veterinary medicine in Liberal Ks, before moving to Wichita were she decided to continue it.  Claire helps not only with the pets but is also our wellness plan specialist.  Her attention to detail and strong clerical skills are a perfect fit when managing the monthly reports.  When not working in the clinic, Claire enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Austin and golden retriever, Weasley.  She also enjoys beer festivals, concerts and anything Harry Potter. 

  • Jeralin -Veterinary Technician

    Jeralin is an amazing technician with a diverse education.  Jeralin has been in veterinary medicine for almost a decade.  She is kind, gentle and empathetic. She loves interacting with the client and helping educate on the care pets need.  Outside the clinic,  Jeralin continues growing her education by attending college but also spends time with her family 2 and 4 legged. 

  • Dallas M -Veterinary Assistant

    Dallas M is a dedicated and hardworking assistant.  If a staff member every asks for help, Dallas M is always willing to jump in.  Dallas M's interest in veterinary medicine started at the humane society and at an exotic pet shop.  She continues to grow her veterinary skills with us while sharing her love of exotics.   While away from the clinic, Dallas M enjoys spending time with her fiancé and pets. 

  • Stefanie -Veterinary Technician

    Stefanie is known around the clinic as the cat whisperer.  Her years of experience from California to Kansas, helped her develop an amazing ability to handle even the most nervous of kitties.  But don't worry she is great with dogs too.  Stefanine enjoys spending time with her wife, family and furry kids.    She also watching sports especially softball and working on her family's Airbnbs. 

  • Shawna -Veterinary Assistant

    Shawna is a people person extraordinaire.   It might not surprise  you to know that in her previous life, she was a hair stylist.  Yes, we know her own hair is always on point!  But she also loves animals and their people. Adding Shawna to our team, has added a ray of sunshine.  She is a positive and happy person, seeing the best in all those she interacts with.  Once you meet her, you likely won't forget her beautiful smile and kind heart.  Outside the clinic, Shawna likes to stay fit, spend time with her boyfriend, her daughter and family. 

  • Brayden -Kennel Assistant

    This young man is something special.  Brayden has been with our clinic for several years caring for your pets behind the scenes.  He walks, waters, feeds, cleans and loves on you fur babies when they stay at our clinic.  When not at the clinic, he is either working on his college degree, bowling, or watching sports especially his Wildcats. EMAW!

  • Lauren -Kennel Assistant

    Lauren loves animals.  So much so that she plans on becoming a veterinarian.  Lauren is currently a senior in high school and after graduation, plans to attend Kansas State University to pursue that passion. Until then her passion is your pets.  She helps care for the pets that stay with us.  She is very mindful of any small change your pet exhibits and reports it immediately to make sure your pet feels it's best while in our care.  We are excited to watch Lauren grow in this field.

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